Thursday, July 9, 2009

A new favorite Etsy seller

This month I was in need of a special gift for a Godson who was getting ready to turn 18. I wanted to give him something personalised, something useful, something that he could keep and it needed to be cool but not too trendy. I also needed something that wasn't going to cost me an arm and a leg to mail as it was going to be travelling from the U.S to England. I looked on Etsy and wasn't able to find exactly what I wanted and then I thought about a key ring, he drives, he has house keys, according to his Mum he just had some shoddy thing that came w/ the car.
In my minds eye I envisioned a simple silver disc w/ his name stamped in the middle and his birth date in Roman Numerals stamped around the edge like a coin.
I then remembered a seller who I had marked in my favorites box, she does the best stamped metal jewellery, I am lusting over one of her necklaces, if my kids or hunny don't buy it for me for Christmas, I'm treating myself, no more waiting, LOL.
I looked through her shop, compared her to others that did the same thing, she didn't offer key rings like some of the others BUT there was something about the way her pieces looked that put her on a different level than the others, so I decided to send her conversation via Etsy, telling her what I wanted, if it was possible to hammer the disc, would she gift wrap it and send it directly to James in England. Several hours later she responded telling me that absolutely she could do that for me, the communication was spot on, the keyring was finished and mailed the day she promised me and then I waited w/ baited breath for the picture of it, never could I have been happier, it was everything I had envisioned and more, PERFECT !!
If you are looking for that special keepsake check Simag out first, you won't be disappointed

Friday, July 3, 2009

10 days later

WOW, a lot can happen in 10 days huh ?

Since I last posted let's see what has happened.

I added a few more items to the store... Travel Wipe Cozies and a couple of clothespin bags.

Made a cute taggie for a friends new baby

Took fun trips to the beach w/ friends

Took a not so fun trip to the Urgent Care for Reagan

Have a garage full of new carpet waiting to get laid *WHEE*

And spent days playing in the pool

Victoria has a friend in from MN spending a couple of weeks with us, my brother is coming in to vist next week from England, oh and big news... I'm going to be an Auntie, WooHoo ;-)

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