Saturday, July 30, 2011

YES !!!!

"Yes !!!!" That's what my younger two shrieked at me just now, want to know why ?

 Because they've been begging me for the last 3 days for homemade pizza, Thursday Daddy was home and he doesn't care for the wheat crust so that wasn't going to work, Friday Daddy left for 4 days so pizza was promised for dinner Friday night, guess what ? This mom forgot *OOPS* but I redeemed myself and bought them fast food, that is a rare treat and so they forgave me. First thing this morning Reagan reminded me "Remember Ms Heather's pizza for dinner tonight, ok ?"  "Ok, Deal, I promise." We went out to the mall, bought sneakers and flip flops, checked out the new Hobby Lobby *SWOON* and then had to run home for the Comcast man to come and fix our phone, We were all having such a fun time that we forgot lunch so everyone was hungry by the time we got home and I kept hearing "We are having homemade pizza tonight right ? we're STARVING !! " Yes 10,000 times yes, you will have pizza tonight, so with beady eyes watching I measured out the ingredients into the breadmaker pan, once beady eyes were satisfied that they were in fact getting pizza tonight they walked away.. might have been their biggest mistake of the day. I closed the lid to the breadmaker, set it for the dough recipe, walked away knowing that I had 1hr 40mins to sew, 1 hr and 40 mins later the beeper went off, I hurried out to the kitchen, turned off the breadmaker, opened the lid and guess what ? I'd forgotten to add the pan.. FAIL. So another 2 hrs later after their stomachs were beginning to think their throats had been cut I was finally able to pull this from the oven and feed two incredibly hungry yet grateful children.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Half Birthday's and Pool Surfing

Sometimes in order to get a little sanity break and to get things done around here like, I dunno, cleaning and laundry, it's best if I add an extra child into the mix and sometimes that extra child comes in the form of the 7 y/o's best friend in the whole wide world and sometimes that best friend just happens to have her half Birthday on the day of your playdate and that best friend has a big girl crush on your 13 y/o son and he finds it funny and just happens to love little kids and is an awesome baby sitter to his 7 y/o sister and before you know it you have a match made in Heaven. He's a certified baby sitter and has taken a course in water safety, so guess what ? I trust him to be out at the pool keeping watch on his little sister and friend and he just so happens to need some extra cash, Heaven I tell ya. So while I was in the house ( A/C) cleaning and doing laundry they were in the pool having a grand old time, such a good time in fact I had to take a break and take pictures, boogie boards make excellent pool surf boards in case you haven't heard (in case you're wondering, while 'pool surfing' was going on I was out there the whole time )

After spending hours in the pool and then just chilling in the 7 y/o's bedroom it was time to partaay, remember we had a half Birthday to celebrate, so everyone was called down for 'Snack time' Little Miss G was told that she had to cover her eyes before she could see the snack and then SURPRISE !!
I think she was happy :) It was a challenge figuring out how to do 7 1/2 in candles, so we went with 7.6, the . being a raspberry, creative huh ?
Tonight I feel rested and invigorated, amazing what adding an extra child to the mix can do for you, now I'm going to have movie time with my 2 youngest, I need to hear some chatter before I go to bed :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Evinrude, the motor that just keeps going and going, want to meet my Evinrude ?

She's the motor around here that never stops going. She wakes up at 7:30am and she continues talking non stop until she goes to bed at around 10pm in the Summer, sometimes later. By the time she's asleep I'm a basket case. I don't know of anybody who can ask "Mom, what's your favorite animal ?" be told "A giraffe" and 10 mins later after talking the whole entire time she finishes up with "Do you really think Daddy's first memory is sitting in a yellow bath tub on his dresser ?" How does that work ? I've been complaining lately about not sleeping at night, I think I know why, I'm still hearing her voice echoing around my head even while she's sleeping, asking me a billion questions, telling me the life story of a friend, talking about what we're doing from one hour to the next and trying to figure out every minute of every day from now until eternity. Oh how I'm beginning to love my glass of wine at night.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Summertime joke

Maybe it's the heat that's getting to me or the many trips to the beach that anything remotely beach related makes me smile but here's my new favorite Summertime joke, 7 y/o thinks I'm mad, oh well.

Why do sea-gulls fly over the sea ?

Because if they flew over the bay they would be bagels.

Knee slapping stuff huh ?

Carry on and enjoy your Summer :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Things I may never know

Why as soon as I jump in the shower no matter the time of day or night my 7 y/o has to use the bathroom and why out of 3 different bathrooms she can use she has to use mine ?

Why the phone doesn't ring all day and then as soon as one call comes in call waiting will bleep 2 seconds later to let me know there is another caller on the other line ?

Why my husband can nap for 3 hrs on any given day during the weekend completely undisturbed, but when I try  to take a 20 min cat nap I will be disturbed by barking dogs, noisy kids, telephone calls, people ringing my door bell and children coming in to ask "One quick question" ?

Why the only time my children NEED to really talk to me is when I am on the phone, they might have ignored me all day long. but as soon as I'm on the phone they need a full blown discussion about something ?

Why my vehicle only breaks down when I am out of town with my 2 youngest children ?

Why only true emergencies occur when my husband is out of town ?

Why I only get sick when my husband is out of town ?

People tell me it's all character building, I say it's downright annoying

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The first of many

Whoever said little boys weren't fun to sew for lied, I mean really how cute is this onesie ? and it took a whole 10 minutes to whip up. I've a feeling I'll be making a lot more of these, Colton may end up with enough for every day of the week.

Want to try your hand ? Here's a simple tutorial you can follow and she's also gracious enough to offer a free PDF pattern

Friday, July 1, 2011

Curve balls

Sometimes life throws us curve balls that we are totally ill equipped to deal with, those curve balls are often the ones that you feel will never be thrown in your direction, but I'm here to attest that they can come at you from any direction, at any time and it doesn't matter who you are, what you are, what color you are, what your economic status is we are all on an equal playing field and it's what we do with those curve balls that matters the most.
Want to meet our curve ball ?

Meet Colton Thomas, isn't he cute ? I never believed I'd be a really young Grandmother, I never believed my 7 y/o would become an Aunt at 8, I never believed my not yet highschooler would become an Uncle and I certainly didn't believe my 19 y/o would become a Mommy and neither did she. None of this was planned, in fact everything was in place for it not to happen until the time was right, but once again we are reminded that our timeline and God's timeline aren't always the same, what we believe is the right time and what God has chosen for us doesn't always add up.
In one month 2 young men lost both their Grandfather and father, just 2 months later they both learnt that their fiancess were both expecting baby boys on the same day, coincidence ? Maybe, though I don't think so.
So yes, we were sent a curve ball of extraordinary means and it has being a long hard 4 1/2 months, huge life changing decisions had to be made, the future re thought, family members who have decided that they don't want to be a part of the 'shame' and so have decided to walk away.. and as hurtful as that is it's ok, it really is, we don't need that toxicity anyway, these 2 young people have enough to contend with without having to deal with hurtful comments and actions, it's better that those people just stay away. We have all come to love a little person we haven't yet met but will ensure that this Thanksgiving will be the best yet.
So now that things have settled a little I'm hoping to be here more often and bore you with all the cute little baby boy items that'll be coming off the machine, because if there's one thing this baby won't be lacking it'll be love and handmade gifts from Grandma :)

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