Monday, April 27, 2009

New in the store

This sweet little Waldorf inspired doll.
These are beginning to become my passion, after a hectic day it's so nice to just sit down and embroider little faces and stitch on hats, makes all the craziness of the day disappear.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Feeling hot, hot, hot

In true Delmarva form we skipped Spring and went straight into Summer, this weekend saw the return of constant sunshine, high temps, the opening of our pool, shorts and T shirts and crazy children blowing off some steam getting rid of their Winter cabin fever. It's been a good time.

Our favorite delivery man

The kids couldn't wait to jump in the pool, though the water was only 64 degrees.. CRAZY

Yes, on our patio it was that hot... phew

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I can sing a rainbow


I can sing a rainbow!
Sing a rainbow!
Sing a rainbow too!

Listen with your eyes!
Listen with your eyes and sing everything you see!
You can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing along with me!

Earth Day

What did you do today to celebrate Earth Day ?

I left all the dirty dishes sitting in the sink in order to conserve water and my energy and Reagan and I made a Bird nest Helper, for lack of a better name ,(I didn't know what else to call it) I took a bag of onions, emptied out the onions and we filled it with pieces of yarn,some scraps of fabric from my scrap bin cut into bird friendly sizes and threads from the garbage can in my sewing room, tied up the top and then hung it from a tree branch.
Later on in the spring we'll take a tour around our property and the neighborhood seeing if we can find some nests made from some of our treasures.
We were going to go to the recycling plant and drop off our recyclables and then plant some herbs and veges but it's been pouring with rain here for the last few days and my gardens are flooded, anything planted now will surely float away.

As Reagan said earlier when I mentioned to her that today was Earth Day, "Shouldn't every day be Earth Day ?" Yes Reagan it should.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where's the green ?

Cleaning out the breadbox just now, I came across this lonely slice of sour dough bread, it's been sitting there alone for about 2 months and it's looking and feeling just as fresh as can be and that totally freaks me out, what the heck are they putting in store bought bread to make it last that long ?
Scary huh ? I think I'm going to stick with my bi daily bread baking, my bread may not look as pretty after a couple of days but at least I know exactly what goes into it and can pronounce every ingredient as opposed to the 'pretty' bread that comes with ingredients such as Azodicarbonamide and Diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono and diglyceride. Nothing natural about them, they're just man made chemicals that are added so the breads stay softer longer and have a longer shelf life. I think I like knowing that one day my bread will turn green, just seems like a natural life occurrence.
Don't get me wrong I'm not a purist, far from it, I like my diet coke with the aspartame and phosphoric acid added to it, but when it comes to one of life's staples such as bread, loading it with all the extra crap just seems wrong.

Monday, April 20, 2009

2 of my favorite questions...

and both asked seconds apart. "Can I go to bed yet?" and "Can we read books?" The answers were a resounding "Yes" and "Yes"

Last one's a rotten egg

Did you know that if an egg floats chances are it's rotten ? I learnt this in Home Ec a bazillion years ago but never really thought about it, yet alone checked my eggs every time I bought them home from the market until this past Saturday. I wasn't feeling terribly hungry and so decided to make an egg salad sandwich. I had one egg left so went on my way and boiled it up, paying no attention to what it was doing in the water, in fact I just put it in the pan poured over the water placed it on a heated burner and walked away and sewed for 7 mins until I knew it would be cooked. I shelled it and mashed it never noticing a rotten egg kind of smell made my sandwich, devoured it and felt quite satisfied until a couple of hours later when things in the digestive tract weren't feeling so good, next thing I know I'm running to the bathroom and you can guess what happened next. A little later Marc walked in looking a little sheepish and said "You know, I noticed that egg was floating in the water and meant to tell you it was bad, you really shouldn't have eaten it." Geez thanks hun, next time it would be nice if you voiced those thoughts as opposed to keeping them to yourself.
So in the spirit of being a good friend I'm letting you all know, if an egg floats, don't eat it. In my research since this happened I have also learnt that if you shake an egg up close to your ear and you hear the yolk swishing around that's not a good thing to hear.
So be warned, floating, swishy eggs are bad and should be thrown away.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Looking for the perfect Mothers Day gift ?

What Mom or Grandmother wouldn't love this ?

I had a friend's little boy over for a morning I set him up with paints and he went to work on his first finger/brush painting.
I had thought about framing the picture for his Mom but then decided "Hey, let's try something different" and decided to scan it and make a pillow using the same directions as what are given in this fun book.
I ended up transforming this

into this

Cute huh ? Interested in purchasing one for a someone special for Mothers Day using your own childs artwork ? then contact me either via here or my Etsy store mention this post and I'll give you 10 percent off and set you up a special listing.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The best and the worst

I'm not a huge TV fan, most shows bore me, I'd rather be sewing or doing something with my hands, sitting down with nothing to do makes me all fidgety and I just don't find TV relaxing, I do however tend to make a lot of things that need stuffing or embroidering and save them for American Idol on Tuesdays and Criminal Minds on Wednesdays so I can sit, watch and do something quietly.
Tonight was American Idol and, Hello, let's just call it a season folks, Adam Lambert has this thing in his pocket, he's a true artist, he was just needing to be found, well now they've found him let's just wrap it up.
It was a long day and I needed to veg once the kids were in bed, I couldn't concentrate on sewing anymore so went for mindless drivel and O.M.G did I find it ? 'Housewives of NewYork'(or whatever it is they call it) ACK !!! What horrible, horrible women , if narcissism and back stabbing is your thing then maybe you should go chill with them, if real friendship is what you're looking for they're not for you, it was so bad I had to turn it off, I have to wonder if they watch the shows afterwards and what they think about themselves. I know it's a made for TV reality show but geez, it really is that bad. If that's what having a lot of money and prestigious name does for you, give me PB&J 7 days a week anytime.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The recipe for a very happy 5 y/o

On spring break.

Take 1 cup of Hannah Montanna / Miley Cyrus

A pinch of Taylor Swift

A box of Muddy Bears

Mix them altogether at a movie theatre, let sit for approximately 1 1/2 hrs and you get this
One very happy, silly little girl who is high on candy, sugary sweet music and experimenting w/ fashion in order to look a little like her favorite pop star

If you are looking for a movie to take a music loving kid to, you won't go wrong with this one,and an added bonus they kept it clean and it came equipped w/ a wholesome message.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Good Friday is the Friday before Easter, as Christians we commemorate Good Friday and remember that this was the day Jesus died on the cross for us.
Today the children and I have baked and decorated cookies and then made Hot Cross Buns, Hot Cross Buns are very symbolic of this day, the cross representing the crucifixion, it is thought that it was at about 3pm that Jesus died and so today at 3pm, we iced on the crosses and each said our own silent prayer of thanks.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

She said what ?

Take a really good look at that pretty feminine little girl above, a real good look, now imagine these words coming out of her mouth.

Reagan: "Mom, Doesn't it feel good when you get one of those long slow farts that come out of your butt that feel just like cool air ? They feel good but they sure are stinky."

Yes, that's what just came out of that sweet feminine little mouth just now.

Friday, April 3, 2009

A little comic relief

2 post in one day, but in less than 30 mins apart, that has to be a record.
1hr ago Reagan was crying so hard with her knee, I rubbed it and gave her some medicine, once she got more comfortable and settled down again I came out here to do some stuff, just now Reagan poked her head around the corner and said "Hmmm, that medicine makes me hungry, can I get some ice cream ? it's amazing a little cup of sour medicine and now I'm hungry for ice cream." Yea, it's amazing alright.

Growing Pains

SUCK !!! Reagan has been dealing with what the Dr tells us are growing pains now for the last couple of years, this week she has had them every night and it's taking it's toll on both of us. There's no doubt in my mind that that is what we are dealing with as she has the very typical symptoms, evening pain or pain so bad that it wakes her up in the middle of the night,no limping or pain during the day and the fact that her knee doesn't hurt when a lot of pressure is applied to it takes away the worry that she has something really wrong with her. Regardless as a Mommy it hurts my heart to see my otherwise lively 5 y/o bawling and literally writhing in pain every night because her knee hurts. The only good thing about them is that Mommy's touch along with a dose of Ibuprofen can help the nasty pain go away.

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