Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dear Michael Phelps

My Daughter has asked me to post her picture and talk a little about her on my blog, I'm thinking that she is hoping that by some crazy remote possibility you may in fact stop by and read a while. While I doubt it very much, stranger things have and could happen, people I've never met from India have stopped by for a while so why not you huh ?

Fact of the matter is you totally rock her world, it used to be her boyfriend but I've never seen her wear a shirt with "I heart Bill" on it, whereas right now she is parading around the house in a shirt stating "I heart Michael Phelps".
The child stayed up every night to watch you swim, the VERY first night of the Olympics right before that first race of yours she bet $50 that you would beat Marc Spitz'z record and bring home 8 golds, that's how much confidence she had in you and you didn't fail her, WTG !!!!
She stayed in every night to watch you swim, she's 16, 16 y/o's don't choose to stay home. One night there was a near disaster, we lost power about 5 mins before you were getting ready to swim, she was panic stricken and ended up calling her boyfriend and had him come get her and take her to his house so's she could watch YOU !!! Got to give him some kudos he did come get her, even if it was you she wanted to see and not him. That night his parents saw a very shy young lady turn into a shrieking fool, she couldn't help herself.
The following night, she lost her voice, you and that French guy about gave her a heart attack... don't do that, her nerves were about shot by the end of that.
Between super close races and almost losing your swim suit on more than one occasion my daughter who is generally very cool, calm, collected and doesn't get worked up over anything almost lost her mind. She had to go take a dip in our pool to calm down on more than one occasion.

So if you do happen to stop by, leaving her a quick "Hello" in the comments box would be greatly appreciated, she'd much rather get a Hello in person but she'll take what she can get.

Yours Truly,

The Mother of a Phelps Phan


Karin Schueller said...

OMG, this is the best post ever! Can you tell her that I love Michael Phelps too? Although my favorite was the relay he wasn't really supposed to win!

My FAVORITE commercial right now is the cell phone commercial with Phelps Phan. She has Michael Phelps Paper Towel. Not a the stand....the paper towel. That commerical never gets lesss funny.

Angela James said...

What a great post! I had a terrible time trying to watch the Olympics while I was overseas, due to my schedule, but I always found time to watch Phelps. I love your description of Victoria's adoration of him.

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