Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Looking good

Ben hasn't had to REALLY dress up in at least 4 years, by dress up I mean pants other than jeans and a button down shirt as opposed to a Tshirt. Tonight marked his first ever band concert and the boys were requested to wear dress pants, ties and button down shirts. I also noted that every boy tucked his shirt in *WOW*.
Ben grumbled a bit about it all whilst getting ready, but I think he cleans up pretty darn well.


Bean said...

Oh Penny!! He's getting so big (and handsome!) *sniffle*

Kat's Credence said...

He cleaned up right nice ;) Love his hair style! The pic of him with JJ is adorable!

Maria said...

Too cute!

Emma said...

Wow! Ben is becoming such a young man. I still remember him as the sweet LITTLE boy that I met when you all vacationed in FL. You done good! :)

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