Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A brewing disaster ?

Oh boy. I married a coffee drinker, a coffee drinker who can not function unless he gets to the office on at least 4 cups of the heavy leaded stuff. Last night as I was preparing the coffee maker for today I made a mental note "Pick up more coffee" Guess what ? Didn't happen *EEK* What did happen is that the wonderful people from Gevalia sent me a sample pouch in the mail today, when I mentioned to DH tonight at 9pm.. "Uh oh, forgot coffee" he said brightly "No worries you can top it off with this ?" Really ? I truly thought we were all out, so my load was lightened for a while, I just went to load up the coffee maker for tomorrow and I was right there were maybe 5 granules left of the other stuff ... oh boy. In a frenzy I went around opening up freezers (we have 3) , nope, no extra coffee, I opened up the cupboard on my microwave cart where I store all of my tea, thinking (hoping) that there was some coffee in there, for a split second I found some relief in a gold shiny package that soon dissipated when I read 'Mulling Spices' so not the same thing and he would totally know. I then scoured the shelves in the pantry and lo and behold I found 2 little packages of coffee, admittedly they are Jack Daniels flavored and DH hates flavored coffee but with a bit of luck come morning his mind will be so foggy and his taste buds so deadened by the dry air in our house at present that he won't be able to taste the added stuff that he so dislikes. One can only hope, right ?

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