Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fads, the art of negotiation and a lesson in manners

Who knew that a simple rubber band in the shape of some tangible item that springs back to its original shape even when pulled out in all directions could possibly be the next craze in America to appeal to Kindergartners and beyond ?
I had never even heard of them until a friend mentioned that they had been banned from her child's school, then another friend in a different state mentioned that her 5 y/o was crazy about them, I had just asked what they were and in walked Ben with 2 rubber things on his wrist,immediately I knew what they had to be, he showed them to me, exclaimed how cool he thought they were and away he went, all was quiet until Reagan caught sight of them "You have Silly Bandz ? No Way !!" That weekend a 6 y/o with chore money burning a hole in her pocket was walking the aisles of TRU in hopes of finding the much sought after Silly Bandz, 5 minutes later Ben came around from another aisle all flushed looking "Reagan, I just found the last packet of Silly Bandz" Her face lit up like a Christmas tree, seriously you'd have thought it was christmas with the yips of joy, hugs and sheer excitement that started to exude from her body.
The following week at school the trading began, apparently the presence of Silly Bandz must have made it's first true appearance in our town over that one weekend. There were stories of who traded what with who, who wasn't go to be friends with another if they didn't trade a bunny for a seal, what boy was going to beat up another because his Girlfriend traded the Silly Bandz he had given her, with another... it was CRAZINESS I tell ya.
Thursday rolled around and Reagan bounced out of school with a smug look on her face, looking oh so happy with herself. I asked "What's with the big smirk" "Well" she started off, Nubanu gave Stephen a heart Silly Bandz, he didn't want it and so gave it to Zachary, he likes me and gave it to me *Giggle giggle* " At that Victoria's ears perked up, "You have a heart Silly Bandz ? Let me see" Little sister dutifully took it off and gave it to big sis "I want it" Whined Victoria (Seriously)Reagan told her she could wear it to her Graduation that night and that was it, so a deal was made. The following day the original recipient of the heart S.B decided she wanted it back, Reagan told her point blank, nope, no can do, Monday the original recipient told her more forcefully this time "I want that silly Bandz back, I'm not going to be your friend if you don't give it back." To which Reagan responded "You might want to use your manners and say please" To which original recipient said "Please *HUFF*" and the response she was given was "That's better, you can have a bunny Silly Bandz, just not the heart." and that was the end of that, I believe Victoria is still wearing the much coveted heart, Reagan has a stash that she has decided not to wear to school "Because they get annoyng" and Ben walked out the door wearing an armful this morning.
Here's my question of the day Why can't I come up with some silly invention like a Silly Bandz and cause it to become the next fad ?


DangAndBlast! said...

I know - like the lady who came up with the little things you stick in holes in Crocs, and now she's a millionaire. I want to have ideas like that!

Anonymous said...

My girls saw these recently at the fabric store. I didn't realize they were so popular!

stephanie joy said...

what?!?! i haven't even heard of them. so strange, these fads. let me know when you brainstorm up some million dollar ideas! ha ha!

Angela James said...

There was a full display of these at the Cincinnati airport so I got B a package (though they were called Zany Bands so someone else is already horning in on the action!). She was thrilled with them. Maybe I should have picked up a few more packages :P

Emma said...

I have seen them as well but the fad hasn't reached my two yet and I kind of hope it doesn't, you know. Such a waste of money BUT I wouldn't think that way if I had come up with the idea!!! :) Good luck in finding the next fad...reminds me, I need to go by my lottery ticket. (j/k)

Victoria said...

Isn't it the truth? Someone thinks of a backwards bathrobe and calls it a slanket and makes a million zillion dollars. Now someone shapes rubber into shapes and makes a bazillion. What next? Pet rocks?

Off topic: The package arrived and I can't wait for my grandson to see his luch kit. A zillion thanks!

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