Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Post Worthy

I've really struggled lately with what is really post worthy and well apparently I decided nothing really was whence the lack of posting but then a special man walks into your life and you know you have to share him with the world especially when you find out he's on the endangered species list and he literally just walked across your path without a care in the world, so let me introduce you to this amazing male species because it would be selfish not to share and you may never get a chance to view him again.
Meet Sphodros rufipes doesn't he sound exotic ? Now for his not so exotic name The Red legged Purse Web Spider..

I captured him just long enough to take his picture and then find out what he was, once it was determined he wasn't going to hurt any household member we let him run free back to where we found him in hopes that he'll find a mate and live happily ever after.
Pretty cool huh ?

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