Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Starting over

I've decided to start blogging again if for no other reason than to document what goes on around here, so many fun and life changing things happen on a day to day basis and I am realizing that it quickly gets forgotten in the bustle of every day life.
Today I was hustled by the 10 y/o, can you believe that ? I couldn't. We were looking through the Scholastic flyer and she'd chosen several books, they were over my
budget and so she asked if she could pay half towards the one she really wanted. The one she REALLY wanted was $16. I made her what I thought was a good deal "You pay half towards the most expensive book and you can get all 3, or I'll pay for the most expensive and you only get 2 " She thought about this for a while and said "How about you pay for the most expensive and I'll buy the other 2 ? " The other 2 came to $6, yep out smarted by the 10 y/o and ladies and genleman that's why in her words she should get into the T.A.D program this year 

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Kat's Credence said...

Yeah, J brought home 2 flyers and picked out books. I can't say no to books though!

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