Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us

WOW !! 18 years have flown by, yet at the same time it seems as though it has being forever, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.
I remember the night we met as though it were just yesterday. May 13th 1989 my girlfriend Becky and I were going to a nightclub in a neighboring village, I balked about going, I'd just gotten out of a really abusive relationship and wasn't yet up for fun, but she wouldn't hear of it, we were supposed to meet a crowd of our other friends there but when they showed up apparently the Bouncers didn't like the look of them and sent them all packing. Becky and I were already there and enjoying a few drinks. We noticed and laughed a little about the 2 'Yanks' sat at the bar, they looked so out of place, really short haircuts and one was wearing cowboy boots. A little later out the corner of my eye I saw one of them saunter over towards us and said to Becky "Oh wait for it, here we go all mouth and trousers" He asked if he and his friend could join us and if they could buy us a few cocktails, not ones to pass up a free drink we accepted and ordered Harvey Wallbangers We moved across to a cozier corner and there began our relationship.
That night I learnt that the good looking one Scott, had the personality of an old shoe, the not so goodlooking one, affectionately know as "The Ugly One" Thanks to my friend Sue was a great conversationalist and we talked all night long, never once getting up to dance, which was just about unheard of for me.
As the night was drawing to a close they asked if we knew London very well. My Mum grew up in London and I used to go up there all the time, when they heard this they asked if we would join them there the following day and we did. Things started off ok, Marc drove me crazy making it obvious that he liked me, so many times I would swerve in a different direction just so's his arm wouldn't go around my waist. One of the places they wanted to go to was Trafalgar Square, if you know anything about that place then you know it is FULL of pigeons, I warned them that more than likely one of us would get shat on and I was counting on that someone not being me. Sure enough it was Marc, he flipped out, kept wiping at his hair cussing like a sailor, me I just about wet my pants laughing so hard. That was when I knew there was no future between us (A week earlier Becky and I had gone to see a Psychic and she told me I'd meet my future husband within the week.... Yeah right) After that we found a nice little Italian restaurant and had a lovely dinner and then it was time to leave. They dropped Becky off first and she invited them in for coffee, that's just something we Brits do after we have spent the day with someone, we don't want or expect anything else, it's just a pleasant way to say thankyou. Marc barked "No thankyou." and that was it, they took me home and as far as I was concerned that was that, I didn't invite them in I thanked them and told them to have fun in France. Marc handed me a business card and told me it would be great if I kept in touch, me, I had no intentions of doing so.
A couple of weeks later when I got home from work there was a huge bouquet of yellow roses and Babies Breath waiting for me, they were from Marc. After much thought and discussion with my Mum, I dropped him a line thanking him for them and that was that. We kept in touch via telephone calls and letters, I came to the States to visit him October '89 and it was then we decided to get married, it just seemed right, in December he came over to visit and spent Christmas with my family and we were married the following June in the same church that my Grandparents and parents were married in.
The last 18 years have being an adventure to say the least,like most couples we have had our ups and downs, but at the end of the day when I have envisioned what life would be like without him I get a sick pit in my stomach and know that without a shadow of a doubt we are in it for the duration. He truly is my Soul Mate.
Marc, if you read this, just know I love you with every ounce of my being xoxox


Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Have a wonderful time on your trip.

Emma said...

Happy Anniversary Penny and Marc! Enjoy your trip together.

Bean said...

Happy Anniversary!!

fireflymom said...

Happy anniversary!

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