Monday, June 30, 2008

She comes by it honestly

Often people will ask where Reagan got her crazy wavy/curly hair from and generally the answer will be "Well when I was little my hair was fairly wavy and Marc's Dad had curly hair, so I guess maybe from one of us."
Yesterday after swimming I got out and read, allowing my hair to dry naturally, generally I blow dry it and it's pretty straight once I'm done so you can only imagine my shock when I went upstairs to change later and caught sight of myself in the mirror and saw that I have the same super wavy/curly hair as Reagan does.
Now when asked where she gets that wavey hair from I can tell everybody " That would be me."


Emma said...

Penny I love all the waves. So pretty. If I don't dry my hair I get curls too. It seems that after each childbirth my hair becomes a little more curly...and unruly!

Marly said...

I like it! :)

ErinRagan said...

Oooh, love the waves!

And when did your hair get so long? Clearly I've been away for too long! :(

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