Saturday, February 28, 2009

Daddy's way of shopping

Victoria and I took a day together and drove to our nearest Ikea (2hrs away) Reagan had asked Marc if they could do something fun together, he told her sure, whatever she wanted. I had a hard time keeping a straight face when I heard that. The reason Marc didn't come to Ikea with me is because he hates shopping, Reagan's idea of a fun time is to go shopping.
When we got home I noticed Reagan wearing a brand new sparkly pair of Hannah Montanna sneakers, compliments of Daddy, yes she got her own way and he took her shoe shopping, a girls dream come true.
A little while ago I asked Marc "So what size shoe is she wearing now ? " he shrugged, "You don't know ?" I asked. "Nope" was his response "They were hanging there, she liked them, tried them on, they fit, I bought them." I don't know if I'm impressed at his cavalier way of shoe shopping for our child or a little bewildered that he didn't take more time. I think deep down I'm maybe a little envious that I can't be that easy going.

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