Monday, February 9, 2009

Glad to be a WAHM

Days like today make me so grateful to be a WAHM.
The day started off with Ben feeling cruddy, he felt ill last night and was in bed before 8pm, he made an attempt to go to school today, but it just wasn't meant to be, instead he slept all morning and has lounged in his PJs all day, he still looks like crap, but at least he's feeling better.
Victoria had a P/T appt right after I dropped Reagan off at school, on our way she ate lunch and took her pain meds to prepare for a gruelling 1hr of P/T , 10 mins after eating, her vision went funky and all she could see were black spots, then she got dizzy and nauseous, the same happened on Friday, so I'm thinking she's reacting to her pain meds, so instead of P/T she came home and promptly threw up.
Just a little short of 1hr later I got a call from Reagan's school asking me to go get her as she was writhing in pain with her stomach, so off I sped to get her.
If I were a WOHM I'd have probably made Ben go to school anyway, I would have just dropped Victoria off at her P/T appt gone back to work only to receive a call to go get her, I'd have left, settled her at home and gone back only to receive another call to go get Reagan, I think my boss and fellow work associates may have gotten a tad irritated w/ me,instead I was able to drop everything at a minutes notice and tend to each child as needed.
I need to remember this on the days I get frazzled and wish I worked out of my home.

To all of you WOHM's I salute you, how you deal at times like these w/out losing your mind, I don't know.

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