Monday, August 3, 2009

So, how's your Summer

We are loving Summer again this year on the shore, whence the lack of posting.

Victoria had a friend from MN in for 2 weeks, she had never seen the ocean before, it was neat to share that experience with her.

My brother came in from England and spent 12 wonderful days with us

The last time I saw my brother was more than 4 years ago, Reagan was only 14 months old the last time she saw him so really didn't remember him, the shyness didn't last for long, before you could blink an eye they were buds

Ben loved having another male figure to horseplay with in the pool

And I got a kitchen makeover, he took it from this

and turned it into this. No more dingey wooden cabinets, blue doors and wheat sheaves and straw hats on the walls

All too soon his visit was over, but then it was off to Ohio for us to go and visit Marc's family, another first for Reagan.
We enjoyed visits to the zoo

The museum

A major league Baseball game

Fun and games with Grandma and Papa

Visits with cousins

And Reagan's favorite thing of all.... being introduced to horseback riding, she took to it like she had been doing it all her life and it's a good job we did that on our last day as I don't think we could have convinced her to do anything else for the rest of our stay

Now we are back home and reality is sinking in, we have to be up bright and early in the morning to attend Ben's Middle school orientation at 8am, ACK !!! Don't they know we're still in vacation mode ?

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