Friday, August 28, 2009

Time for a celebration cake

Reagan has been asking for several weeks now if we could bake a sponge cake, my answer has always being "When I find a good recipe for a Victoria Sandwich" This is the sponge cake that my Mum and Grandma would make and I've learnt that you can't find that recipe in an American cook book, today whilst reading one of my favorite blogs I came across this recipe and it's perfect because she has given the American equivalent when it comes to measuring out the ingredients.
I told Reagan the good news and told her we'd make it on Monday as it'll just be her and I at home together again. Her response was " It'll be another celebration cake"
I asked her what we were celebrating and she told me in her happiest voice "Ben's going back to school." Ay yi yi. She loves him really, she really does.

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