Monday, October 19, 2009

And then he turned 12

Seems like just yesterday that I was in the Dr's office and had found out that the baby I was pregnant with was a boy, now 12 years later that little blob on the screen is one of the nicest boys I've ever had the privilege to meet and I'm not just saying that because he's my son.
Ben is one of those kids that everyone describes as "A good kid" When people ask me how Ben is doing I respond with "Great, Ben is Ben." There's really nothing more to be said and for those who know him they know exactly what I mean.
He's not a mommas boy by any stretch of the imagination but I love that when we go somewhere if he is the first to the door he holds it open for me, if he walks to my side of the car before me he opens the car door for me, for him it's just instinctual and it makes me happy and proud.
I love how he loves his sisters and looks out for them, even Victoria who is 6 years older than him. A couple of months ago Ben got into his first real fight, it wasn't because he and a kid his age were in disagreement about something it was because a guy cussed out Victoria, not once but twice, the first time Ben said"Come on man, that's not cool." to which in true Victoria fashion she retorted something else to the guy who once again cussed at her, this time Ben didn't hold back but clocked the guy square in the mouth, I really wish I had seen it. I don't condone fighting but when it's done to someone older and bigger than him and because he was standing up for his sister I have a hard time punishing him, in fact I high fived him when I found out :-)
I love the relationship he and Reagan have, sure they have their moments but for the most part they are best buds, she looks up to him and he watches out for her, often letting her tag along on play dates if he knows there might be someone there her age or just because.

Right now he's having a few health issues, nothing serious I hope, but he's been getting shots more often than normal, like his father he has a fear of needles, he grabs my hand every time, it's always cold and clammy *ICK*, then he'll get stuck and he gets mad at himself, today he was heard muttering under his breath "Man, I'm such a wimp, why do I let myself get so worked up ?" Hopefully he'll remember what it was like today, tomorrow when he goes for blood work, it might be interesting.

For his Birthday party this year he had his first boy/girl party since he was about 5
The kids had the best time, to sit in the kitchen and listen to all the crazy giggling going on outside you couldn't help but smile. At one point someone ran in and asked for a bottle, they wanted to play "Spin The Bottle" I asked how that was going to work seeings as there were only 2 girls, to which I was told, "We just hug" Phew, sounds good to me.

Just as I thought things were winding down they got a mad hair to go swim, the water was freezing, 62 degrees to be precise.. crazy kids. They didn't stay in long, maybe 5 mins, but the hard core ones stayed in long enough to get their picture taken.

Many times since his party he has come up to me and stated, "That was the best party ever." And in my book that spells success.

Happy Birthday Ben, I'm one lucky mom to have you as her son. Love ya much !!!

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