Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fabulous Fall

I'll be honest with you, Fall is not my favorite season, in my little mind it means earlier dark nights, cooler temps, leaves falling off the trees making everything bare and that Winter is just around the corner. I am so not a Winter person, how I lived through 4 winters in MN still amazes me, I'm more of a S.CA gal, Summer and blue skies all year round w/ the option of snow if I choose to go to it.
But then we have days like today, when the sun shines gloriously, there is no humidity in the air, the sun casts longer shadows and everything seems to sparkle, it's days like today when you say to heck with what has to be done, we're going to do what we want to do, and that meant Reagan and I packing up the van with a picnic blanket, picnic and board games and off we went.
Our original plan was to go to a State Park a ways from here, have our picnic, play a game or 2 and then walk the trails, but 10 minutes into our adventure and Reagan asked if we could just go to City Park instead and so that's what we did.
We got lucky and met friends there, Mr Kevin took the kids out on the paddle boat

30 mins on the river will make a gal hungry, so we sat beneath the trees

and enjoyed a picnic... Pudding in the park, does it get any better ?

Even the squirrels were thinking it was time for a picnic

With full bellies it was time to skip some trails and visit with the ducks

Before we took a detour back to the van and headed home, we walked along the river

Fall may not be my favorite time of year, but it certainly leads to lazy Sunday afternoons, where we can leave the drudgery behind and enjoy all that Mother Nature lends us.

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