Friday, February 4, 2011

Public service announcement

I was going to post a recipe for some amazing fat free cupcakes (yes they do exist) that I made, BUT I got the cupcake ready for it's picture debut, turned around and promptly ate it and yes, it was the last one and I don't know about you but a recipe without a picture is like milk without cookies... it's just not doable, sooooo I'm going to share something totally creepy that happened to my 18 y/o the other day and it's something we all need to keep in  mind next time we go out to the grocery store.

Wednesday Victoria received a private message on Facebook (thankfully her profile is private) from an old man, a creepy old man, an old man that she'd never seen before. In his email to her he documented her whereabouts and what she was doing several days earlier, he concluded with "Now I'll tell you how I found you, you were cashing a check in Walmart, I was standing behind you, you flashed your check, I read your name and haven't being able to get you off my mind" CREEPY, NASTY  STALKER DUDE !!!

So to all of you out there that use checks in a store, be careful who is standing around you and cover up as much of your information as possible. After reading the message I will never use a paper check again unless it's to a friend, from now on at the store it's debit card all the way.

So there's my public service announcement, now go about your daily lives as usual and beware of all suspicious looking characters around you, especially creepy old men.

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