Saturday, September 3, 2011

Zoom, zoom, zoom

That's how August felt to me, it just whizzed by before I could say "Summer" and I'll be honest it made me a little sad, sad knowing that after the much anticipated build up to Summer we're almost to the end of it. 6 more weeks and it'll be Fall, I love Fall and all that it brings, but I don't love knowing that we have to say goodbye to the warm temps, close up the pool which brings hours and hours of fun, rake up leaves and start putting on socks again.. BLECH.
So a quick recap of what August meant to us this year.
Reagan turned 8 and instead of having a birthday party this year she opted for a trip to Build a Bear workshop with her best friend, where ironically they built bunnies instead, then it was rides on the roundabout at the Mall just to be silly and lunch at Pizza Hut.

We got to spend more fun days at the beach, towards the end most of the tourists had left and we got to enjoy more open spaces without fear of being trampled ... Don't get me wrong I'm not a tourist hater, I certainly appreciate how they boost the economy in this area for several months of the year, it's just nice to be able to enjoy the sand on our feet not kicked in our faces :)
We had some crazy weather, the most extreme all coming in the same week, first we had an earthquake (unheard of for around here) then we had a visit from hurricane Irene and while she was visiting there were tornados cropping up all around us, it was scary to hear about but at the end of the day we came out of it ok, just a lot of tree clean up afterwards and a pier at one of our local beaches took a pretty hard hit.
We experienced some issues with burst water pipes, a broken water pump and over flowing sinks, that has warranted the need to a newly painted kitchen ceiling... any offers ?

Ben still won't co operate when I try to take his picture
And then it was time to go back to school :(

Wonder if September can top all of that, so far she's been pretty calm :)

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Di Linh said...

Sounds like you all had a very eventful summer. Hope this school year is amazing for everyone.

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