Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hobby Lobby, that was a cheap shot

Every time I walk into the foyer of Hobby Lobby I am blown away by how good it smells, I literally stand there and breathe it all in a couple of times. Yesterday after walking around and around figuring they had to be selling their 'signature ' scent somewhere I asked a sales Assosciate if they sold it, sure enough she sent me to the aisle with potpourris and candles, told me it was Fall berries (or something like that) I picked up the bag, took a whiff and no nothing like what's in their foyer, I ended up sniffing every bag and every candle and nothing came close so I walked away defeated. On my way out the store Victoria stopped and said "No way, Mom it's AirWick Plug in's " HUH ? Sure enough all along the power strip on the back wall camouflaged by Christmas trees and furniture were Air Wick and Febreeze plug ins. Apparently it must be a special combo that someone has found works well together because there would be an Airwick and Febreeze plugged in next to each other and then about 6 more outlets down would be the same combo.
So now I'm off to Walmart to figure it out, Hobby Lobby, you could make a fortune if you would just come up with your own signature scent, surely you are aware of how many people wak in and exclaim "Man, it smells good in here."

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