Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Frugal Crafter

I love it when I can go through my supplies and come up with a meaningful gift that ends up costing pennies. This week was one of those times, I'd seen some gorgeous fabric at Hobby Lobby that I had to have, the best part was it was on clearance, I bought 1/2 yard for $2.50.  I decided to make a clothespin bag out of it and it turned out beautifully , once one of the teachers at Reagan's school saw it she too fell in love and said it would be perfect to put baby socks in and it would match the new nursery perfectly, she wanted it.  I had a very small amount of the fabric left and figured I'd make her a little something out of the rest, I looked around my stash and found the perfect supplies, a small amount of white minky and some bright ribbons for a ribbon blankie, a Birdseye cloth diaper (unused) to fancy up into a burp cloth and some super soft white flannel to back the very last teeny tiny bit of pretty fabric and turn it into a newborn bib.
So for $2.50 and some extra supplies laying around my sewing room I came up with this ensemble, pretty sweet huh ?


Michelle said...

Those are darling Penny!

Tabitha said...

Love it, Penny! I love when I can do that too.

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