Monday, April 16, 2012


Long time no see. When I open up my emails and see subject lines that say "Hello" then I go to a message board and a subject line is "Helllloooo" and then I come over here and see that somebody actually misses me not blogging I get the feeling that perhaps I should come out from hibernation, it is Spring after all.
So hello friends and fellow bloggers
Hello Running shoes, it's nice to meet your acquaintance again, I promise to visit with you daily and retire you to garden shoes in the Fall. How does that sound ?
Hello Daffodils and Azaleas, it's so nice to see your smiley faces again.

Hello new work room, you're rather nice to work in, perhaps I'll fit you out with a sewing machine tomorrow.

Hello annoying dog you sure do sit pretty but you need to decide what side of the door you want to be on today, I need to go back to aforementioned room and start working again.
Short and sweet but it's a start right ?


Bean said...

Loving your daffy-dills, I don't know why they won't grow in my yard but they'll grow in the neighbors! I planted two lilac bushes a week ago and I am crossing my fingers for a lovely bloom fest in 2013 :D

A Little Of A Lot said...

Bean, my "Daffy-dills" and Azaleas have only just started to bloom, daffodils in the rest of the neighborhood have been over for a while and everybody else's azaleas are in full bloom, I get to enjoy their's first and then my own. I say Yay for late bloomers :)

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