Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007

We had a very busy 5 days with Marc's Mom and Dad, full of shopping, trips to the beach, making Gingerbread Houses, baking, the usual buzz of activities that seem to fill this time of year.
The 'big' girls took time out on Christmas Eve for much deserved relaxing massages and then on for a wonderful lunch at a local Bistro.

Christmas day started at 12:30am *EEK* when Ben and Reagan saw that pillow cases at the end of the bed were already filled. After hearing Reagan squeal "He came, he came" I knew we were in for a long night, though once we settled them back down again, telling them Santa was probably still in the neighborhood and may well come back and take the rest of the toys back up the chimney, they slept until 6:15am.... not bad, all things considering.
The dinner was fabulous, Ben had requested a dessert cake, which I was happy to oblige with, Reagan wanted it to be a Birthday cake and so when it was time for dessert we put a candle in the middle of it and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus...maybe this will be our new family tradition. It was nice to take a little time out to remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas.

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