Friday, December 14, 2007

A week to forget

What a week. So I've being keeping it very hush hush for fear of people treating us like we have the Plague, or the equivalent of, but Victoria has MRSA, yes, the BAD Staph... not that any Staph is good Staph. It all started as a small blister that got rubbed from her bra strap and then all hell broke lose, poor kid has been sick forever it seems like. Thankfully after numerous Dr visits, can we say 7 visits in 9 days ? and many antibiotics, we think she has turned the corner and can now go back to school.

Throughout all of this I learnt that the world did not stop for me, orders still piled in (for which I am grateful), people are doing last minute Christmas shopping and several have chosen me as their shop of choice, I know I shouldn't complain, but geez I need a break. Just tonight I was putting a bear together, first time I realised I'd given him 2 left arms AAAGGGHHHH, I made him a right arm and then proceeded to sew them on backwards.... yes sewing at midnight makes me a little loopy apparently.

Just to add a little extra frustration, because apparently the Big Man upstairs didn't think he'd given me enough to deal with, one of the cats came down with a UTI and instead of suffering in silence chose to pee over $200 worth of orders, NOT good, thank goodness I was able to salvage most of them, but the few things that were totally ruined had to be remade, not only did she do that but has christened Ben's closet, the den and the living room carpet, so instead of painting my foyer this weekend as planned I'll be cleaning carpets w/ a steam cleaner. One day soon we will get our Christmas tree up, it may not be until Christmas Eve but Santa WILL be leaving gifts under the tree.

Well there's my gripe for the week, tomorrow I hope to get a bazillion orders mailed out, some groceries back in the house so my kids no longer have to live on cheese sticks and cups of water, finish Mr Bear, start on 3 custom pillows and finish up a chalk mat. As much as I love that people enjoy my stuff, as much as I do making it, I'm hoping that once these orders are complete, I can sew up a couple of fun things for my kids and their friends and then by Wednesday put the machine away for maybe a whole week.


Bean said...

I hope V's feeling better, and you're not too buried in orders today!! (((hugs))) this too shall pass, right? ;)

Luvkids334 said...

She's feeling better, the orders are completed and out of my house, the sewing machine is put away for at least a week, the house is tidy and the foyer is painted.
YAY !!!!

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