Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Through the eyes of a child

Do you ever just sit and wish that you could go back in time, when every day was a new adventure and you were discovering wonderful things about the world around you for the first time and looking at it in such awe ?

Yesterday Reagan and I were driving down the highway and she was just taking in everything and asking a bazillion questions, mostly about the hay bales that she was seeing in the fields and noting that some were huge and some not so big and was noting the different types of animals in those fields and whether they were worthy of a big hay bale or a smaller one.
Then she noticed the sky and how beautiful it was with big fluffy white clouds, some looking as though they were stretching on forever, others looking like big powder puffs, she was in absolute awe just taking it all in, and then she got that twinkle in her eye and asked "Are clouds made of cotton candy ?" I told her no, water vapor and she went onto explain how she thought the sky got to looking the way it did.
"I think someone got a reaaaaaaally long ladder, climbed up it and painted everything blue, then they got white paint and painted that over some of the blue and then for fun stuck some cotton candy up there for the birds."
There was no way I was going to tell her anything different, instead I just nodded and smiled and told her to look really closely and she might get to see some creatures living up in those clouds and sure enough, there was a dragon, a kitty, a dinosaur and an airplane up there too.

There are days when I would love to go back to the uncomplicated life of a four year old, but seeings as I can't, I'm going to enjoy taking a few minutes a day living life vicariously through her eyes, who knows maybe I'll learn something new too.

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