Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to me.

RedBooks Shuistology tells me: " Oh, my goodness, the cosmos has a gigantic planetary party planned for you ! Whatever you focus your attentions on, you will manifest. It's importantfor you to know that you can - and are - now materializing your goals.
For nine days, beginning on your Birthday, write this mantra in red ink nine times a day: "Everything I have been looking for now comes looking for me." Repeat this aloud and silently as often as you can. This will be your birthday gift to you ! This month is a dress rehearsal for the activity, energy, and good fortune that are waiting around the corner. You asked for it, you got it !! And just wait until you see how much of "it" there is in store. "

Sounds pretty good huh ? Now I just have to find some red ink ;-)

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