Wednesday, February 27, 2008

He can NEVER go out of town again.

Marc, that is. Just about every time he leaves for any given amount of time something will go wrong.
In the past I have had a kitchen fire, a burst pipe flooding the laundry room and family room, a broken air conditioner again causing flooding just at the other end of the house, been rushed to the hospital via ambulace in the middle of the night, had to have a cat put to sleep, had a runaway pet tarantula (while I was 8 months pregnant), had a car blow a tire on a country back road, been sick w/ the Flu, a pipe come off the washing machine spewing water everywhere, flooding my kitchen, powder room, and den, had a flat battery stranding me at home and Victoria at school. These are just a few things that scramble to the front of my mind, but believe me there are more, WAAAAAAY more and then yesterday was no different.
Victoria needed a ride to school and Reagan had an 8:20am Dr appt, I was thinking that was all perfect timing, so I made sure Ben was ready for school, set the timer for 10 mins so he would know when to leave for the school bus and off I went w/ the 2
girls, well 1/2 way to school Victoria's cell phone started ringing (thank God she just got that) she answered it and I saw her face drop as we heard bawling on the other end, she handed me the phone and it was Ben, in the 5 mins since we had left he'd gotten wracked w/ the most awful stomach pains, he was screaming he hurt so bad, here I was in the van thinking "Shit, I need to get V to school, and R to the Dr but obviously need to get to him A.S.A.P and Marc was in Chicago, so I broke all the spped limits, got Victoria to school, blew home and grabbed Ben, had him get in the van and figured I had to get Rea to the Dr and if he was still really bad the Dr could check him out too. By the time we got to the Drs his pain had subsided somewhat, he looked pale but not like he did 10 mins prior, by the tiime we were done, he was back to feeling just A.OK and ready to go to school. My guess is he had a really bad gas pain.
It would be really nice if one of these days Marc would be in town to help me out when these situations arise, oh and incidentally when I got back from the Dr's office, there was a message on the answering machine from Marc and here's what he said "Hey Hon, it's your lucky day, I got an earlier flight and should be home at about 8:30 tonight." .... Yep, it was my lucky day alright, at least I was guaranteed that from 8:30pm on life would run w/out a hitch LOL.

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fireflymom said...

I had a baby while my husband was traveling on business and had to put our dog down on a seperate trip. I feel your pain!

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