Thursday, September 24, 2009

Calling all cat experts

One our cats didn't like how the litter box was cleaned out and so decided to use the coat closet instead, some shoes have fared OK, some shoes such as my running shoes took a direct hit, (I swear she had to have sat directly on them and filled them up)now those and some others can be thrown in the washer on hot water along w/ some baking soda and white vinegar and they'll be just fine, but what about my dress boots or Reagan's "Dorothy" shoes ? They can't be tossed in the washer and they sure as heck can't be worn, they are wreaking.
Any sure proof way of saving them or are they destined for the shoe pile up beyond the clouds and I'm destined to have to go spend money that I don't have to kit us both out w/ replacements ?

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Stephenie said...

Well, for my carpet I doused the floor with baking soda and then filled a spray bottle with vinegar and then let it sit till dried. Then vacuumed. Could you not sprinkle the baking soda into the shoes, spray with vinegar, let dry and then wipe them out with a damp rag? Worth a shot.

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