Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How much do you REALLY know ?

Last night an 11 y/o boy from our neighborhood went missing, thank God after an extensive search he was found 4 hrs later in a ditch unharmed.
Once all the commotion had died down, the Police had left and everybody went back to their night time routine I got to thinking. If that were Ben would I have known all the places to search ? Would I have known where every one of his friends lived ? and the truth is, No. Can we say "Wake Up Call" ? We don't live in a huge neighborhood, it isn't in the middle of town, we are pretty rural. On our property alone we have a small stream that runs alongside our backyard, a pasture that covers a couple of acres and beyond that is a lot of woodland, we have a storage shed and garage, a storage area under the deck for pool equipment, all of these places that little boy had been to and could have been hiding in and yet his parents more than likely had no idea that he could have been there.
It wasn't until Ben was being questioned that I found out that there are so many "Hiding spots" around here that the kids hang out at, at any given time.
I've met all of Ben's friends, they come over and hang out but I don't know all of their parents and I don't know where many of them live, that's not cool, if Ben had gone missing I would have wanted to question all of his friends but would have had to have relied on others to tell me where they all lived. I would have had to have relied on other kids telling me about all of the nooks and crannies around here that the kids go to.
"J" could have been found a lot quicker last night if his parents knew of where all his friends lived and where all the hiding spots were, as it was he was found in a really deep ditch that the kids hide in a lot, I had no idea it was there yet drive by it at least once a week.
I then got to thinking about up to date photographs, I think we all rely on the school photos a little too much.
I have numerous pictures of Reagan and Victoria, Ben not so many, he's not one for getting his picture taken and is often out and about doing stuff that I wouldn't care to take a picture of.
If your child was to go missing today would you know what s/he was wearing down to their shoes ? I read somewhere that a child abductor will rarely think to change a child's shoes, clothes you can guesstimate, hair can be cut off quickly but shoes are a whole different ball game. Since reading that I tend to glance down and check out the kids shoes every time they leave the house and make a mental note.

So this week my goal is to go around the neighborhood w/ Ben and find out where everyone of his friends lives, to meet their parents and to check out their hiding places.
I challenge you to do the same.

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mamabrande said...

wow - that is scary! And very good advice!

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