Sunday, February 28, 2010

2 things I have learnt today

1) I am an incredibly impatient person

2) I do not have ADD

How did I draw to these conclusions today ? My SIL IM'd me on Facebook Saturday night to let me know she had finally gone into full blown labor, for a while it was just the 2 of us talking, my brother was in bed sleeping, her family were all tucked into their own beds and the 2 of us were visiting, she was telling me how she was feeling and asking if what she was feeling was normal, then things got a little too uncomfortable for her and she went and woke up my brother. I then went to bed, anticipating that I was soon going to be an Auntie, I took the portable phone upstairs with me and placed it on my nightstand, I slept deep and panicked when I woke up, sure that I had missed the call, checked the ID unit, nope hadn't missed the call. I came downstairs, Chris had said he might email me, checked my email.. nothing, checked my Facebook, yep a message from Chris, Boo, it was about something totally unrelated but did mention they were now at the hospital. That was 6:30 am their time, 1:30am my time.
I waited and waited for the call telling me that a new member of our family had arrived, I ran knocking everyone out of my way every time the phone rang (never them) I didn't want to go anywhere, I must have sat at the computer staring at the screen hitting refresh every 2 minutes, wondering if my SILs sister was going to IM me with an update, then I remembered a very important soccer game was on the TV and she'd be glued to that.
I had sewing to do, orders to fill and I did a little of that, but all the while wondering what was going on 3,000 miles away, I finally gave up with the sewing, it wasn't going too well. At about 3pm a chat box popped up on Facebook, it was my brother FINALLY, he asked if I was here, yes, yes and yes, I fully expected a call to come in, nothing, then up popped "She's in the final stages" Thank goodness !! Then he went on to tell me that she was at 5cm, uhm, no that's not the final stages, that's halfway there, I didn't have the heart to tell him that (they're 1st time parents), so we chatted for a bit and then he logged off because his phone battery was getting low and he needed to save some juice for later.
I knew the next time I would hear from my baby brother he would be telling me that he was a Daddy.
Knowing that Sharon was only at 5cm, I knew there was maybe about another 4 or 5 hours, finally I was able to relax and take my mind off of them for a while and get some stuff done around here, I fixed my sewing machine problem, fixed dinner, tidied up, watched a little TV and then about 9pm the phone rang, I sprinted, I hurdled I got to that phone before anyone else even heard the first ring finish, and I answered it to this garbled noise, WTH was that ? Who was that ? OMG it was my brother, I have no clue what he first said to me, he was having a 'moment' and it was surreal, finally he told me "It's a little girl, she's beautiful" He then told me to hang on, she was about to let out her first cries, I gathered Ben and Reagan around the phone with me and then all of a sudden we heard that wonderful noise of a baby's first cry, is there anything better ?
Ben had a grin plastered from one side of his face to the next, Reagan's eyes sparkled and cheeks flushed, she was no longer the youngest and she had a baby girl cousin, could life get any sweeter in her world ? I think not.
So baby Grace, welcome to the world, you taught me that patience is not my thing, never have I been more impatient for something to happen in my whole entire life and no I do not have ADD, my mind was on your Mummy, Daddy and you the whole time.
I'm yet to meet you and see pictures of you with your eyes open, but I love you so deeply it almost hurts xoxo

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Emma said...

Beautiful post Penny. I could almost see you hurdling furniture to get to the phone! :)

Congrats Auntie! Can't wait to see some pics of your niece.

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