Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Be careful what you wish for....

Because you might just get it. For weeks and weeks several friends were hoping and praying for snow, they'd wake up pissed at the Northern hemisphere for they had lots of the white stuff and we were still brown, cold and gloomy. Then I got on the band wagon, yep, it would be nice to see some of the white stuff, just enough to play in for a day or 2 have a snow day off school and then be back to normal again, but noooooo, what do we get ? 2 weekends of HEAVY snow, I'm talking record breaking snow. Bear in mind this town gets an annual average of 8 inches of snow (I know, because I looked it up)On January 30th it started snowing and it didn't stop until it dumped 13 inches of that beautiful cold white stuff on us.
The kids were ecstatic, we all got bundled up and hit the slopes, A.K.A the Elks Lodge, hey don't knock it, in a town of no hills you do whatcha' gotta do, there we enjoyed several hours of sledding enjoyment. Reagan proved to be the dare devil out of the 3, at 6 y/o the other 2 would not have thought much about going down those hills, Reagan laughed so much I thought she was going to pee her pants (really). True to form the schools were closed on Monday.. more sledding, the schools were closed on Tuesday, we attempted sledding, but nope too many people in one spot, no snow just mud, Wednesday, O.M.G still no school, just antsy kids and a crazy Mom, Thursday, reprieve, 2hr late start but it's better than nothing, right ? Friday, school started right on schedule, only to be interrupted by a whole new storm. Seriously now, that's a bit much, the snow started falling at about 3pm Friday and didn't let up until it had dumped another 18 inches on us 30 hrs later.
Sunday it was back to the slopes, this time w/ sleds and snowboards and this Momma decided to give snowboarding a go, fun as heck, ever tried it ? No, then you really should, word of warning though, you will hurt and be stiff as a board for the next X amount of hours, not sure how many because I'm still hurting, wine and Ibuprofen aren't touching it right now. Monday, guess what ? No school, so yes we hit those pesky slopes again, Tuesday, no school,Victoria did, I don't know what, Ben went snowboarding, Reagan and I built snow people, Tonight another freaking storm has started, only this one has started with ice, turned to freezing rain and sleet, is going back to ice and then just for the hell of it, it's going to give us another 4 - 12 inches of snow... these kids will NEVER be going back to school at this rate.
So as of February 9th a town whose annual average snowfall is 8 inches we have received 31 inches and counting.
It's been a blast but Mother Nature after this round, please no more until next year and then can we have it a little more spread out please ? Our kids need to be in school during the gross winter months, not the glorious sunny ones.

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CupCakeCutie said...

AMEN! We've been going through the same thing around here. Last Thursday and Today are the only day's the kids around have gone to school in the past week and a half. Ours aren't in school but Hubby has been taking my car to work since the snow. Getting a little cabin fever being stuck in the house with two under three.

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