Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why I love Etsy

Etsy is becoming my one stop shopping spot, I can get pretty much anything I want/need all in one place without leaving my home and the best part is the people you find over there.
Recently I was hearted by a fellow Etsian who runs a soap shop, not sure what it was about her shop but I fell in love, it was one of those moments where you are pulled in but you're not sure why. I've never bought soap online, I don't like not smelling a product first, I have incredibly sensitive skin and so I'm really careful as to what I use on it and bar soap in general just does nothing for me, I'm a liquid soap kinda gal along w/ body wash on a scrubbie, though I will use a Dove soap bar on my face in the shower, but I was all out.
I contacted Deb the owner of the shop DedaNotions, explained to her about my sensitive skin and how dry my face gets and wondered if she had something. Right away she emailed me back telling me of her soap named 'Despair' Now I'll admit the name didn't make me feel real warm and fuzzy and then she went on to tell me how she'd originally made it for her son who was at the time suffering from acne, again that made me question it, why would I use the same soap as a kid w/ acne ? She also told me of her soap 'Innocence' totally fragrance free, sounded better than Despair too, right ? I debated trying one or the other and then she kindly offered to send me a sample of each.. ok, how's that for Customer Service ? A week went by and honestly, I never gave the soap samples much more of a second thought, though I did check out her shop a couple more times. Then this past Wednesday I went to my mail box and there was a pkg in there for me, I had no idea what it could be, I kept trying to remember what I'd ordered and then this awesome aroma came up from the envelope, Lemongrass to be exact.When I got into the house and opened up the package I was expecting to see small note card sized bars of soap, but instead Deb had sent me 2 full size bars, Holy cow !!! I emailed her right away and thanked her, she went onto tell me that she'd first mailed them to the wrong town, so the samples were returned to her, she felt horrid for the delay and so sent me 2 full size bars... O.M.G can we say "Excellent customer Service" I hadn't even considered it a delay and because she was sending me samples and not even wanting me to pay the S&H, so for her to go all out like that really impressed me.
The following day I tried both soaps and O.M.G (again) they're awesome. Despair is my absolute favorite soap of all time, it leaves my face feeling clean, moisturized and glowing after every wash, my face feels so good I don't even want to put make up on over it. I've used it for 4 days now and have already noticed a huge change in my complexion, it's no longer dull, it's healthy looking, my skin has honestly never felt better and the smell of the Lemongrass is to die for. Today I used it in place of my body wash and again I've fallen in love, Deb has herself a new customer.
I have also used the 'Innocence' bar on both my face and body, again with great results, but I like the smell of 'Despair' better, I am now using 'Innocence' on my 6 y/o, she thinks it's cool because it came in the mail and a "Lady really made this".
So if you're looking for a new soap go check out DedaNotions over at Etsy I promise you , you won't be disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I love hearing good Etsy stories. Often you only hear the bad ones. Can't wait to check out her shop!

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