Saturday, November 27, 2010

The best day ever (at least pretty close)

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to be a kid again, you want to let your hair down and say to heck with the cares of the world ? That was me today. Reagan was invited to a Birthday party at the local roller skating rink, to say that I was less than thrilled to take her is an understatement, 3 hrs at a roller rink with a kid that doesn't skate can we say "WooHoo" ? Off we went I did the mommy thing, and then watched as my kid precariously took off on these big clonking shoes with wheels, to say she looked uneasy is an understatement, imagine a baby duckling on ice. As I watched her tackle the rink, listened to the pounding music and watched other skaters gliding past her I started to feel a little sorry for her (They won't let you on the rink without skates), my feet were itching to put a pair of skates on, though I've only ever ice skated or roller bladed ( eons ago) and the only available skates were the 2 in front and 2 behind kind which to me were a little intimidating. Then Reagan's words resonated through my head, when asked if she was sure she wanted to go she said "I would really like to at least try", then I thought how tickled I would have been at her age if my Mom would have made a complete fool of herself and joined me on the rink and that's when my mind was made up, I went and bought my ticket and rented my first pair of 'traditional' roller skates ever. When Reagan saw me her face was priceless, I may not have had a camera to capture the smile but I think that look will be engrained into my brain forever. My first time around I told her I needed to go alone and she needed to stay far far away from me while I got my 'Skate legs' It took a while for me to feel comfortable with not being able to slide my foot to the side, and not stop by doing a side slide but before long I got the hang of it and though I say so myself I rocked *WINK* I took Reagan's hand and edged her away from the wall, she fell once, cried, sniffed "I hate this" and wanted to go home, With a few encouraging words and a hug she ventured out again, before long she was only holding my hand and not doing a death grip to the side ledge, a couple of times she wanted to leave the rink, she'd had enough but I couldn't keep off of it, she'd watch and smile and I could see the look on her face, I'm thinking it was the same one I had earlier in the afternoon, the wanting but being unsure, I got her out again and told her to copy my feet, she did, she rocked, she laughed, giggled, fell and started laughing so hard I couldn't get her back up again, before I could say "Roller skates" she said "Do you think we could go out into the center ?" Yes my child that was death gripping the wall 2hrs previous was wanting to go out into the very middle of the rink where there was nothing but a Mommy's had for stabiliy, I took her out to the very middle circle and told her to look around, she was really in the middle of the rink and was standing unaided, her look was again one of those priceless ones and then before we knew it the DJ was announcing that he was playing the last somg of the session and guess what ? We were the last ones out there.
This afternoon started out with being one of those obligatory Mommy duties and ended up being an afternoon of fun and more importantly an afternoon when I became more child like in my thinking and let the stresses of everyday life take a back seat and made some pretty fun life long memories with my favorite 7 year old.
We're already talking about when we should go next :)

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Chrissie Grace said...

I would say the Dave Ramsey book is what "woke me up"
Definitely check it out from the library!

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