Sunday, March 20, 2011

Whole Wide World

I can't listen or watch this video without finding my eyes brimming with tears by the end of it. Maybe it's because I am a mom of 2 wonderful daughters who are getting ready to explore the world in ways only they can. Victoria is 19 and is looking at a life in the Marines, she's dedicated and more determined to do this than anything else she's  ever   set her sights on.
Reagan is 7 and wants to be a rockstar, a gymnast, an artist, a cook and a teacher. She's full of spunk and loves life like no other child I've known.
If you're a follower of NieNie you'll see some familiar people.


KrisD said...

That is a great song/video, thanks for sharing!

nikihas3 said...

You should check out this blog post!

It is about Mindy.

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