Thursday, April 21, 2011

Big brothers rock

When I was growing up my best friend had a big brother and oh boy was I envious of her, he was big and strong and looked out for her and he was funny. Me I had a little brother who was annoying, and whiney and needy. (Not really but compared to the big brothers he was)
Ben is the big brother I always wanted and he takes his role seriously. He is exactly how I envisioned my big brother would be. He looks out for Reagan, he makes her laugh, he's nice to her friends and he's a great role model.
We have just started Spring Break and the anticipation of the Easter bunny is upon us. Reagan doesn't believe in the Easter Bunny and that's ok BUT there's a part of her that is leary that he might exist. Her friends tell her he's like Santa and sees everything you do in the days leading up to Easter which has Reagan in a tail spin, it doesn't matter what she believes or what we tell her, there is a part of her that is fearful that he might be real. The idea that some creepy bunny ( and lets face it every Easter Bunny I've seen is creepy) could be walking around the house at night looking in at her while she sleeps has her totally on edge, so Ben being the awesome big brother he is told Reagan that from now until Easter she can sleep in his room and she is totally ok with that. She has always slept with him Christmas Eve for the very reason that she hates the idea of Santa walking into her room while she sleeps and she knows that she is safe, her brother's room is a safe haven from all mythical beings. If Santa, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny are going to be on the prowl she's going to be in his room and I love that about him, he could quite easily make fun of her, tease her and give her nightmares but no he ensures she's going to feel safe and gives up his bed.
Tomorrow I'm sure he'll take her book, tweak her hair, pull a chair away from her as she sits down, he'll do something to irk her and she will scream "Ben I hate you" to which he will laugh and take off but I guarantee the last thing that'll come out of her mouth tomorrow night before she goes to sleep is "Night, I love you Ben" and he will respond with "I love you too Reagan" and with that she will drift off into a sweet slumber knowing that with her big brother there to protect her no harm will come of her while she sleeps.


Michelle said...

That was a very sweet post. You have good kids!

Maria said...

You're a lucky momma!

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