Friday, April 1, 2011

Dress A Girl Around The World Update

I figured you all deserved an update as to how this was going. Despite no comments on my posts regarding this (Not gonna lie I was a little disappointed about that) I have had many people contact me privately who have either donated funds for me to go and purchase the fabric and supplies to make  dresses in their name, donated money to "Use as you see fit" ,  have donated fabric or have sent fabric to me, as of today it looks like about  40 little girls will be blessed :)
 Thankyou all so much  for your generosity you are all such a blessing.
This  picture  is just a glimpse of what I'll be tackling this weekend as you can see the March 31st deadline that I had put on this is going to be extended as I wait on some fabric that has been mailed and more money donated needs to be spent and hey I'm only one person and that's a lot of dresses to sew, that pink fabric alone will yield about 6 dresses :)
Thanks again, I'll update again next week.


Michelle said...

You have some great fabrics there! What an amazing blessing to so many!

Emma said...

You rock Penny! An amazing cause and perfect for you to use your talent in this way. Lots of little girls will be blessed by you and your handiwork.

Crystal said...

what a great reason to spend the weekend at the sewing machine. :) thanks for stopping by friend. :)

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