Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm addicted

Well maybe addicted is a strong term because I can live without them if I REALLY have to, but oh my word I love these things, they are a perfect for when you crave chocolate but want something juicy too. Gummy bears covered in chocolate, really does it get a whole lot better ? The only problem ? They're so stinking hard to find. My first box I paid almost $4 for at the movie theatre *EEK* and I was hooked, the next time I went they were gone *BOO* then I found them at the Dollar Tree *EEK* and they stayed there for a long time and I would buy them on a regular basis and then all of a sudden GONE, they no longer have them, can't tell me if they'll ever have more * BOO, BOO triple BOO* but then on Saturday we were in Big Lots and my wonderful, awesome daughter of the year found the very last box and she bought them for her Mommy and now I'm savoring and hoping that if I only eat one a day they should last me until I find them again.
Anyone know where they sell these all year round ?

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