Saturday, October 1, 2011

Seasonal confusion ?

As I look around me outside I see that some of my plants are suffering with a little seasonal confusion. My Azaleas which are only supposed to bloom in the Spring decided to bloom again just in time for Fall, my garden has never looked healthier, yellow flowers are showing up on my tomato plants again, little green cherry tomatoes are patiently hanging out hoping for some extra sunshine to ripen them, the Basil has taken on a whole new life and my roses are producing brand new blooms, the only plants that seem to know that  now is the appropriate time for them to bloom are my Mums, though a couple of them decided that it would be fun to bloom during a heat wave in August... they are now a burnt up dead mess, whereas the patient ones are looking glorious.


So are we dealing with global warming or global cooling ? My plants are all confused as am I.

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