Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Are you having a wonderful day ? I'm having the best :)
It started off by being greeted by this cutie... how'd you like the shirt ? I whipped that up in about 15 mins last night after I realised I'd neglected to buy her a Valentines shirt, thank God for always having plain T's on hand
She's always wanting chocolate chip pancakes for Breakfast so of course that's what she had but HELLO it's Valentines day, so that calls for heart shaped pancakes and strawberry milk.
Then it was time for school and what better lunch to send them off with on Valentines Day but you guessed it PB&J cut into a heart, heart shaped snack cakes, 1 for her and 1 to share with a friend, the rest had to be red or strawberry, got to keep with the theme right ?

Then it was back home and time to get aquainted with the tea kettle my BFF gave me for my Birthday, it was perhaps my favorite gift this year, not only does it boil water super quickly and has a nice loud whistle to tell me when it's done it's a bright cheery red too... PERFECT !!
After a quick cup of tea
                                                     It was time to start the baking frenzy
And bake up desserts to finish up a day of celebrating not only Valentines Day but my first borns special day. Happy Birthday Victoria, I love you to the stars and back xox 

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