Thursday, February 9, 2012

Choco Burrito

A lot of people watch family comedy shows not us, we live them.
In the last 12 hours I have been kept awake by a dog whining and whimpering and pacing the house constantly while his female counterpart sleeps in her crate totally oblivious to the fact that he is going CRAZY because he can't 'get with her'. (Before any of you jump down my throat she was set to be spayed next week but came into heat first) I think he settles down for maybe a couple of hours because I'm getting about 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep right now, but that was until 3am today when I was rudely awaken to crashing, banging and a whole lot of yelling and cussing coming from our bathroom. The cussing led me to believe that nobody (Marc) was mortally wounded so I stayed in bed and waited for him to return back to bed before I asked what happened. Well I shouldn't have asked, because it led to a fit of the giggles on my behalf and a really ticked off husband who I think would have slept in the spare bed if we had one. He had gone to the bathroom in the dark, finished his business and gotten disoriented, instead of walking towards the door (and he walks fast) he walked towards the bath tub, stubbed his toe and fell into the tub head first, and just writing that sends me into fits of giggles again, I'm a horrible wife.
Needless to say when the alarm went off this morning I wasn't quite ready to get up, but with kids needing to head out to school  and be fed breakfast etc, I needed to. Reagan asks for chocolate chip pancakes just about every morning and today was no exception, I poured the batter, let it bubble, flipped it and then "Oh crap, I forgot to add the chocolate chips." So Mommy Genius grabbed the chocolate chips, poured them in the center of the pancake and rolled it up like a Burrito. Just as Rea was about to take a bite 'Whoosh' Momma swept in, grabbed the plate and ran upstairs to take a pic, (because it might just turn into a blog post) and I had to get to the camera with the pancake Burrito in one piece so had to take it with me as opposed to running upstairs to grab the camera and bring it down to take the picture like normal people do. Reagan gave me an incredulous look when I returned her breakfast and said "Wow Mom, you really took my breakfast upstairs to take a picture ?" Yep, sure did.  A couple of seconds later I heard a muffled "I need wuba" Huh ? what, was that ? turned around and there was an 8 y/o, mouth full of melted chocolate indicating to the glasses, did you know that melted chocolate chips on a pancake is the same consistency as peanut butter ?
If you didn't, you do now, be warned. So I grabbed a glass, poured the water, she chugged it down and then looked at me with tears streaming down my face... I'm sorry it was funny and all she could muster was "Wow Mom, really ?"  Yep I'm a horrible mother too. I adore my family and thank God every day for all the comic relief they bring me. Who needs Modern Family when you've got the real thing going on all around you ?

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