Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So Ugly She's Cute ?

I hope my niece can see beyond the ugly, this doll is either going to send her into fits of giggles or running to her bedroom never to return until the doll that gobbles up felt animals is disposed of, it'll be interesting to hear what she thought about it.
This play set was definitely a labor of love and I learnt that I am definitely a sewing machine gal, hand stitching all of those little pieces together was not as relaxing as my friends that hand sew led me to believe but I have to admit I'm pretty tickled as to how the whole set turned out, hope her Mummy and Daddy don't think Auntie Penny was cheap because she didn't buy a plastic doll from the local Mart ;)


Emma said...

Great job Penny! I love it! So much better than a plastic dolly from the big chain store. What a treasure to pass down through the generation.

Amy said...

Adorable! My niece once screamingly rejected a smiling stuffed tree I made for her, so I know where you're coming from, but I can't imagine that the birthday girl won't be delighted with this gift.

Di Linh said...

It's very creative and I bet she will love it! What a great aunt you are.

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