Friday, October 10, 2008


Do you know what those 4 little words mean ? Responde S'il Vous Plait, in English, PLEASE RESPOND. It's what you do when you are invited to a party, if the Invitee has a contact number along with R.S.V.P it means s/he would like a response as to whether or not you will be attending their shin dig. They need a response in order to plan minor details such as FOOD and DRINK,if it's a kids Birthday we need to know how many of the dreaded Goodie Bags we need to make up.
If your kid has been to my kids party the last 2 years and is invited again this year, despite what you may think it's not going to be assumed that s/he is going to be able to attend this year, things come up, we may have planned that party on a day you have plans, remember that saying "Assume makes an ass of U and ME" ?

As you may be able to tell I am throwing a party. It's tomorrow and it's a party for Ben. 23 individuals were invited out of those 23, 10 have responded to tell me they will be here, 1 is a no, 4 are maybes and the other 8 ? Who knows.
Soooo do I plan for 10, 14 or 22.
Do you see the dilemma ? I don't want to be left with a ton of food and a ton of kids goodie bags, but I don't want to have not enough food and not enough goodie bags.

Guess we could eat Monster Crunch, Mummy fingers, and mud pie washed down with Ghoulish Punch for the next week too. As for the Goodie bags... What goodie bags ?

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Bean said...

On our invites, I put "Regrets Only!" next to the phone number, hehe! I start out assuming EVERYONE will come, and I really really try not to overinvite :)

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