Monday, October 13, 2008


Ben had his party on Saturday,never in a million years did I believe a party full of boys could be so chaotic and so different than a party for girls.
Those boys were CRAZY !!
Check out the gross eye cake. It didn't turn out as expected but Ben's face makes me laugh.


Bean said...

how many kids ended up showing up? It looks like they had a blast!!

Luvkids334 said...

We ended up w/ 11 boys. A couple that had said they could come didn't show and then a couple they didn't R.S.V.P showed, we even had one extra who wasn't invited but his Aunt was babysitting him and dropped him off with his cousin. I didn't mind, but the kicker was she never came up to the house to ask if that was ok, or to even introduce herself and then when it was time to be picked up the boys happened to be outside and they just took off.
Weird to me that someone would leave kids at a party w/out ever meeting the parents and then not having the boys say Goodbye when they left.
Ah well they all had fun ;-)

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