Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

What did you do today to celebrate Earth Day ?

I left all the dirty dishes sitting in the sink in order to conserve water and my energy and Reagan and I made a Bird nest Helper, for lack of a better name ,(I didn't know what else to call it) I took a bag of onions, emptied out the onions and we filled it with pieces of yarn,some scraps of fabric from my scrap bin cut into bird friendly sizes and threads from the garbage can in my sewing room, tied up the top and then hung it from a tree branch.
Later on in the spring we'll take a tour around our property and the neighborhood seeing if we can find some nests made from some of our treasures.
We were going to go to the recycling plant and drop off our recyclables and then plant some herbs and veges but it's been pouring with rain here for the last few days and my gardens are flooded, anything planted now will surely float away.

As Reagan said earlier when I mentioned to her that today was Earth Day, "Shouldn't every day be Earth Day ?" Yes Reagan it should.


Janet B. said...

What a great idea P! I love it! And Reagan clearly "gets it". :D

Lisa said...

Wow, Penny! That is GREAT. I love it. I love the lessons you teach and that Reagan takes it and runs....

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