Monday, April 20, 2009

Last one's a rotten egg

Did you know that if an egg floats chances are it's rotten ? I learnt this in Home Ec a bazillion years ago but never really thought about it, yet alone checked my eggs every time I bought them home from the market until this past Saturday. I wasn't feeling terribly hungry and so decided to make an egg salad sandwich. I had one egg left so went on my way and boiled it up, paying no attention to what it was doing in the water, in fact I just put it in the pan poured over the water placed it on a heated burner and walked away and sewed for 7 mins until I knew it would be cooked. I shelled it and mashed it never noticing a rotten egg kind of smell made my sandwich, devoured it and felt quite satisfied until a couple of hours later when things in the digestive tract weren't feeling so good, next thing I know I'm running to the bathroom and you can guess what happened next. A little later Marc walked in looking a little sheepish and said "You know, I noticed that egg was floating in the water and meant to tell you it was bad, you really shouldn't have eaten it." Geez thanks hun, next time it would be nice if you voiced those thoughts as opposed to keeping them to yourself.
So in the spirit of being a good friend I'm letting you all know, if an egg floats, don't eat it. In my research since this happened I have also learnt that if you shake an egg up close to your ear and you hear the yolk swishing around that's not a good thing to hear.
So be warned, floating, swishy eggs are bad and should be thrown away.


Marly said...

Oh what a "rotten" way to learn. :(

And an extra boo to Marc!

Chrissie Grace said...

Well, you learn something new every day!!:)
oh, and the pillow you made below is so cute!

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