Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The best and the worst

I'm not a huge TV fan, most shows bore me, I'd rather be sewing or doing something with my hands, sitting down with nothing to do makes me all fidgety and I just don't find TV relaxing, I do however tend to make a lot of things that need stuffing or embroidering and save them for American Idol on Tuesdays and Criminal Minds on Wednesdays so I can sit, watch and do something quietly.
Tonight was American Idol and, Hello, let's just call it a season folks, Adam Lambert has this thing in his pocket, he's a true artist, he was just needing to be found, well now they've found him let's just wrap it up.
It was a long day and I needed to veg once the kids were in bed, I couldn't concentrate on sewing anymore so went for mindless drivel and O.M.G did I find it ? 'Housewives of NewYork'(or whatever it is they call it) ACK !!! What horrible, horrible women , if narcissism and back stabbing is your thing then maybe you should go chill with them, if real friendship is what you're looking for they're not for you, it was so bad I had to turn it off, I have to wonder if they watch the shows afterwards and what they think about themselves. I know it's a made for TV reality show but geez, it really is that bad. If that's what having a lot of money and prestigious name does for you, give me PB&J 7 days a week anytime.

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Kat's Credence said...

I can't get into Idol this season. Too gimmicky. And on Housewives, I have to agree, our friends are worth more than all their bank accounts combined huh!

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