Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pure genius

My children are not the best milk drinkers in the world, Reagan would prefer to down a gallon of water before she drank a glass of milk but she knows she doesn't get any flavored drinks until at least 1 glass of milk has been consumed, Ben would rather walk on hot coals than to have to drink white milk but he will happily down a glass of chocolate milk, the only problem is that he'll empty 1/2 a bottle of syrup into the glass or a cup full of powder, so all the nutritional benefits of the milk has just been depleted. He's old enough to make his own drinks mommy shouldn't and won't make them for him. The other night he asked if I'd buy some Ovaltine, I'm ok with that, it  has added vitamins and minerals and he needs all he can get right now at 13. My issue was how much he puts in the glass, yesterday I picked up a canister and had a pure genius moment. I went over to the craft aisle and picked up some small baggies that are generally used to keep beads in, you can buy 100 for $1, came home and filled up 30 bags w/ Ovaltine and put them back in the canister, now every time one of the kids wants chocolate milk all they need to do is take one of the premeasured baggies pour it into their glass, add milk, stir and voila, chocolate milk made to a Mother's liking. The kids don't throw the bags away instead we have a bag hanging in the pantry for them to put the empties in until they get refilled the next time. Another bonus ? Doing it this way actually gives you about twice the amount of servings than is specified on the jar, I'm sorry but 4 tablespoons of mix to 1 glass of milk is a bit excessive don't you think ? The only downside to this ? The kids are drinking more milk now than they ever have and I'm having to buy 2 gallons of milk a week instead of 1 :)

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