Friday, March 7, 2008

Can't do it.

Last Summer a neighbor of mine learnt that we were having some financial difficulty, 3 house payments will do that to you, unless you're Oprah. Anyway to 'help' out she asked me if I would make a bib for her husband... huh ? The man is 53 y/o, perfectly with it, is not disabled in any way, why does he need a bib ? Long and the short of it, he's a sloppy eater. I found the whole concept weird so I ignored the request and then she asked me again about 3 times, so I went and bought the fabric she requested and 8 months later it's still sitting in my fabric stash. Is it me or is there something demeaning about tying a bib around an able bodied grown mans neck before he eats his dinner ?
When I was pregnant my belly became a collecting ground, don't know what it is about my pregnant bellies, they're like a magnet for the food that should be going into my mouth, but if Marc had decided to go get me a bib and tie it around my neck each time I sat down to eat I'd have been mortified... I simply can't enable someone to demean a person that way.
Anybody want some blue fabric w/ choppers on it ?

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