Friday, March 7, 2008

Comfort Food

So what's yours ?

We were sitting at dinner tonight and each one of us declared our favorite 'Comfort Food' Marc's was Meatloaf, Victoria's was roast chicken w/ mashed potatoes and gravy, Reagan's was Mac and Cheese, mine is Red beans and dirty rice w/ Tabasco sauce, Ben my foody was the last to share, probably because he has more than one..gotta love that kid, LOL. He LOVES my recipe Beef Rigatoni which we ate tonight and sparked the conversation, Shepherds Pie and his ultimate favorite which made Reagan double over and groan "Oh yeah." Crepes, I've started making them every Sunday for desert and the kids look forward to them all weekend long, as their Mom it makes me feel really good knowing that I've started our own little tradition and they are so appreciative.
Ben likes for his to have ice cream inside and sprinkled outside w/ sugar, Reagan and Victoria like theirs with strawberries and cream, Marc likes them covered w/ warm Maple Syrup, me, I'm rather partial to fresh lemon juice and sugar, just like my Mom used to fix ;-)

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