Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm not crazy

Really I'm not.

A couple of my friends apparently have being a little concerned about my emotional well being lately. I've been on a roller coaster ride and I want to get off.
Between Winter just being dreary, the memories that this time of year conjure up and then just the challenges of every day life I haven't been myself.
Marc has being travelling a lot, generally that's not a biggie, but between kids, sickness, broken down vehicles beyond repair, big decisions on what to do in regards the kids education, a house still not sold in MN, 2 children that I knew being killed in MN, being left to deal w/ everything on my own around here, from a broken gate resulting in our dog escaping the yard and running amuck all over the neighborhood, to a cat pee'ing on everything because she's not getting enough attention things get a little overwhelming and I guess I'm just not 'myself'.

Today I was reading a blog "Tales From Pixie Wood" and I LOVE her, the analogy she uses as to how she has being feeling recently, is me all over, giving me the lightbulb moment of knowing I'M NOT CRAZY.

Here's how she described her days and I'm stealing it from her because she sums up my feelings in a nutshell. Some days we feel like Madonna, not because she burns crosses in her videos or has a penchant for simulating masturbation on stage but because we feel powerful, brave, ballsy, carefree and then we have days when we feel like a bubble made by the bubble bath we use. Fragile, ready to be popped and never seen again with the most fragile of touches.
We can look around us and it can appear as if everything is perfect - so why do we want to cry?

So to my friends who have being worried, I've being having 'Bubble bath' days but never fear Madonna is in here waiting to resurface w/ the first blossoms and sun rays of Spring.


Lisa said...

I hope Spring comes very soon for you. (((hugs)))

fireflymom said...

Sometimes life dishes a whole lot at once. I hope that your days lighten soon!

Marly said...

"Crazy" wasn't exactly the word I used. ;)

Emma said...

thinking about you a ton Penny. I hope your bubble bath days are coming to an end. (((hugs)))

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